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For a Quality custom framing...

Visit Smith Gallery
on 1011 K Street in the heart of Downtown Sacramento
for all your custom framing needs.


The Moulding Selection

What most know as the rame, is the most important factor in influencing the final price. We have hundreds of mouldings here to show you. Then, we just add in other parts/components such as glass, mounting, assembly, any matting, etc., and PRESTO! We have a price for you. A competitive price!! No doubt about it.

Small items might typically be in the $85.00 to maybe $150 or even $200 depending on those factors—size of your art and the frame/mat/etc selected.

‘Regular” size artwork typically will fall into the $150 to $350.00 range.

Larger canvas pieces with those Italian mouldings, fabric mats on scoop liners, fillets and such can and do cost $850.00 to $1450.00.

And if ‘in you want even more info, the choice frame design components and factors that influence a frame’s final costs would be:
Paper or fabric mats?
How many paper mats, if any?
Is the artwork a canvas piece or a work on paper and thus how would it be mounted within the frame?
Do you want acid-free/conservation framing materials around an old and rare document, or just some cheap and simple way to “glue” (called mounting) the artwork within the frame to hold it down within the frame? Does one want plexi-glass because it’s easier and safer with larger pieces, or glass because it’s cheaper?
Non-glare glass?
There are also special thin wood mouldings called filets that are really nice within frames that can add much to the look, but also costs more…etc.

Even though this all sounds complicated, it is our specialty and not a problem to recommend what’s needed quickly upon seeing the artwork. I want to design my frames that look great at good prices.

By the way, pricing is one thing, but don’t forget about the FRAME DESIGN!! Hugely important! Now, I’ve been framing for over 20 years and have seen and done THOUSANDS of custom frames, but the most important factor of the design is YOU. You are encouraged to be an active part of the design, picking out what you like, or letting us suggest designs for you. Either way your satisfaction is the final determining factor.

Be aware that the cost of the components of a frame is one thing, but the design is more important. Look me up at the gallery and you’ll get an experts suggestion on how you might want to view your artwork on your wall for years to come. And, within your budget desires! I’m very competitive in my framing prices as offered! In the unlikely event that someone thinks otherwise, make sure you see me so as I can get to the heart of any situation and handle it properly for my customer’s complete satisfaction.

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Pixel Perfect

How much does it cost for a custom frame?

This mainly depends upon the materials selected and the sizes of artwork being framed. I will give you some rough outlines shortly, but basically it does come down to:

    • Size of artwork. The bigger something is, the more framing material needed to construct a fine custom frame.
    • Materials selected. We carry the whole gamut of framing materials at Smith Gallery; matting, fillets, mouldings, glass, and mounting. Some are very affordable and less costly, which is why I offer them. Some, like what the Italian’s typically make, cost much more per foot of frame/moulding. Most fall in between.

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